Thank you! You keep the church standing.

Dear members and friends of Franklin United Methodist Church,

Thank you for your prayers, presence, financial contributions, and witness to the love of God found in Jesus Christ. Your contributions have been a vital support as we open our doors to help people meaningfully connect with God, grow in Christ, and reach out in love to others.

Our doors are open more now than ever before. In addition to being a space for worship, Christian formation and fellowship, our facility is a hub of connection for our community. Each day of the week, over 100 meals are distributed from our facility to homebound persons through our partnership with Tri-Valley, Inc. Meals on Wheels. As the new school year begins, 15 children will be starting school in our facility thanks to Aprende Spanish Immersion–the only immersion school in the Town of Franklin. Girl Scout Troops, a support group for those navigating life with disability, a community group discussing affordable housing, the Chinese Gospel Church: each of these groups find a home in our facility. Diverse and deep connections are made in the Franklin United Methodist Church thanks to your support.

This past year has not been easy. There have been several issues with our facility that have been disruptive and costly. We had to have a significant portion of our main sewer line replaced, which meant jackhammering the floor in the basement, earlier this year. We replaced our roof and are working to repair a portion of the ceiling that fell in the sanctuary. These projects have strained the church’s finances. Much of the work that has been done was funded by an insurance payment and the forethought of a member who gave a significant gift from their estate; but, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. 

Are you willing to make a financial contribution so that we can make repairs and continue the important work of calling the community together? Online gifts can be made here (LINK:

Did you know there are other ways of contributing financially? The church also receives planned (deferred) gifts and outright gifts of securities, real estate, and other tangible property. If you’d like to donate in a creative way, let’s talk.

Your donations sustain the church. They also keep it standing. Thanks to your contributions the church, as the body of Christ, stands tall in our community as a beacon of God’s love and welcome. And, it will be because of your contributions that our facility will continue to serve as a place were people can gather to love and be loved, and accepted as they are.

Pastor Jacob

P.S. ~ Today they began the process of partially disassembling the organ so that work can be done on the sanctuary ceiling. Below are a few pics of the organ as they were setting up, before anything was removed. More pics and details to follow.