Phase II: Defining Our Generation Capital Campaign

The Franklin United Methodist Church was consecrated for the worship of God and the service of all people on June 23, 1873. For over 150 years, our church has been a place where people have gathered to nurture a meaningful relationship with God and grow in Christ. It is a place from which generations of faithful Methodists have reached out in loving concern to others.

Over the past five years (2019-2023), we have had to respond to several major issues with our facility that have caused disruptions to worship and threatened our ability to serve others. By the grace of God and  the generosity of past members, we have been able to address all of these issues and make plans for future renovations and restorations which will help ensure that future generations of Methodists will have 1) a place to worship and 2) a well-appointed building from which they can serve others.

Phase II begins to make those plans a reality by focusing on the restoration of the exterior of the building, renovation of the sanctuary, improving the air-quality in the building, and increasing the endowment. The exterior of the building is beginning to fail. Moulding and millwork needs to be repaired. The main body of the church needs to be re-stained. Acoustic tiles in the sanctuary are beginning to sag and fall. The carpet needs replaced. And, improvements need to be made for the accessibility and flexibility of the worship space. The HVAC system is inefficient, limited, and in need of repair.  Updates to this system will help reduce the humidity in the building (especially the basement) and improve indoor air quality by circulating fresh air into the building. The final focus of this phase looks to increase the endowment so that the church can generate perpetual, long-term revenue to sustain the church’s mission and vision.

Phase II focuses on stabilizing our facility and making it more comfortable and viable in the 21st century for its consecrated purpose: worship and the service of all people.

Phase II is part of a larger vision for our facility called “Defining Our Generation.” You can learn more about where we envision our facility as we rethink our facility and ministry for the 21st century by going to