Our Legacy: 2023 Annual Campaign

Dear members and friends of Franklin United Methodist Church,

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone of our facility at 82 W. Central Street in downtown Franklin, Massachusetts.  In celebration of this anniversary, throughout the month of October, during Sunday worship, we are exploring the rich history of our congregation. It is inspiring to bear witness to the relentless determination of the first Methodists in Franklin who fought hard to establish a church, their ambition to see it grow and expand, the purposefulness around which they oriented their life together, and the extravagant generosity which has stabilized and sustained the church for generations.  Our spiritual forebearers have left us a legacy of determination, ambition, purposefulness, and generosity. The question before us is: what will our legacy be?

We stand on the precipice of a new era in the history of our church.  Will our determination, ambition, purposefulness, and generosity, live up to the legacy of the Franklin Methodists who have gone before us?  What will our legacy be? Will our determination outpace the uncertainty of the financial markets, the growing number of religiously unaffiliated persons, and the competing demands of our busy schedules? Will we take ambitious risks as we rethink and expand our witness, programming, and facility for the furthering of the gospel in our time?  Are we willing to orient ourselves such that we truly become a place where all can have a meaningful relationship with God, grow in Christ, reach out in love to others, and love others just as they are? Will our generosity—the giving of our time, talent, and resources—stabilize the church and build a foundation that will sustain the church not only in the coming year but build a legacy that will sustain the church for the next 150 years?

This year, as part of our annual campaign, you are invited to consider what you might contribute to our shared legacy as Franklin Methodists.  Below, you will find resources about first-time, intentional, growing, and extravagant giving.  It is our hope that everyone will be motivated to move along the path of generosity.  You can make your pledge online here. You will be directed to Realm, the church’s secure online database.

Thank you for helping to build our legacy together as the people of the Franklin United Methodist Church. Thank you for all the ways you contribute and make our church what it is.

Thank you!

Rev. Dr. Jacob W. Juncker, Pastor
Dawn Harlow, Financial Secretary
George Remus, Treasurer

The Path of Generosity

Begin to give.

Plan what percentage of your income to give for a year.  Make a pledge as a sign of your commitment.

Increase the percentage of income to give as part of your pledge.

Make an annual pledge and include the church in your estate planning.

Being an Intentional & Growing Giver:
It Adds Up & Makes a Difference

Many people wonder what constitutes an appropriate pledge for them.  While this is a deeply personal decision, the chart below illustrates how the simple act of giving regularly and intentionally can make a huge difference in supporting the work of the church. Feel free to use the chart below to take the step to become an intentional or growing giver, estimate your annual pledge, and see how your pledge fits into our fundraising goals for the coming year.

Pledges help the church plan its work in a way that is sustainable. Pledges are not contracts, but rather commitments under circumstances.  If you need to alter your pledge, at any time, due to changing circumstances, please contact Dawn Harlow, Financial Secretary, or Pastor Jacob.