Dedicated: 2024 Annual Campaign

Dear members and friends of Franklin United Methodist Church,

A petition to organize a Methodist Church in Franklin was received by the New England Conference of The Methodist Episcopal Church at its annual gathering in April 1853. The conference sent, later that year, Rev. John M. Merrill to organize a church. The first official gatherings of Methodists met in the Franklin Town Hall. In 1872, with just thirteen (13) members, the church broke ground on a new facility; and, some 20 years after the first gatherings of Methodism began, in 1873, a new facility was consecrated.  

For 170 years, Franklin Methodists have gathered together and proclaimed the gospel. For 150 years, our facility has stood as a witness to the glory of God and been a hub of service not only for the Town of Franklin, but all humanity.  The church’s health and vitality have waxed and waned many times over the years; nevertheless, the church persists but for the grace of God and the dedication of its members.

This year, as part of our annual campaign, you are invited to dedicate yourself to the work of the church.  As we celebrate 170 years of Methodism in Franklin and 150 years since our facility’s consecration, you are invited to dedicate yourself to gathering with other Christians, the glory of God, the proclamation of the gospel, and the service of humanity. As we dedicate ourselves to this work, we will find that the church not only survives but flourishes.

One of the ways we show our commitment and dedication to the work of the church is through our financial contributions.  While our dedication cannot be measured by the amount we give, our dedication is reflected in our commitment to give. As such, we are asking you to make a commitment (a pledge) as a sign of your dedication to the church. Below, you will find resources about first-time, intentional, growing, and extravagant giving.  It is our hope that everyone will be motivated to move along the path of generosity.  You can make your pledge online here. You will be directed to Realm, the church’s secure online database.

Thank you for your dedication to Christ and the work of the church. Thank you for all the ways you contribute and make our church what it is.

Thank you!

Pastor Jacob

The Path of Generosity

Begin to give.

Plan what percentage of your income to give for a year.  Make a pledge as a sign of your commitment.

Increase the percentage of income to give as part of your pledge.

Make an annual pledge and include the church in your estate planning.

Being an Intentional & Growing Giver:
It Adds Up & Makes a Difference

Many people wonder what constitutes an appropriate pledge for them.  While this is a deeply personal decision, the chart below illustrates how the simple act of giving regularly and intentionally can make a huge difference in supporting the work of the church. Feel free to use the chart below to take the step to become an intentional or growing giver, estimate your annual pledge, and see how your pledge fits into our fundraising goals for the coming year.

Pledges help the church plan its work in a way that is sustainable. Pledges are not contracts, but rather commitments under circumstances.  If you need to alter your pledge, at any time, due to changing circumstances, please contact Dawn Harlow, Financial Secretary, or Pastor Jacob.