Ministry Survey

George Remus (Lay Leader) and Pastor Jacob Juncker leading worship in the parking lot of Franklin United Methodist Church (Franklin, MA) on May 5, 2021. This was the first in-person, in-the-same-space worship service held after 14 months of not meeting at the church due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dear members and friends of Franklin United Methodist Church,

This week marks an important anniversary in the life of our congregation. On May 5, 2021, we resumed in-person in-the-same-space worship.  Our first in-person outside worship service in the parking lot happened a year ago after not having met in-person in-the-same-space for over 14 months. Over the past year, we have slowly “opened up” for in-person ministry. We have settled into a dynamic “new” form of worship that meets simultaneously in-person in-the-same-space (most often the sanctuary), in-person virtually using Google Meet, and live-streamed on YouTube.  Having settled into a sustainable rhythm of worship, and with no lingering COVID protocols currently in place, it is now time to consider how we might resume other aspects of our common life together.

On Sunday, February 27, the Church Council voted to create a new committee charged with planning, implementing, and evaluating the church’s ministry according to the mission and vision of the church. The primary purpose of this new committee, the Committee on Ministry, is to empower the congregation to be ministers (to do the work of ministry) for the sake of the church’s mission and vision.  Members of the Committee on Ministry include Inger Anderson (Chair), Nancy Boates, Chandra Juncker, Joe MacDonald, George Remus (Lay Leader), and me (Pastor).

As its first order of business, the Committee on Ministry is trying to understand what ministry you think should be done and gauge your potential interest and desire to do that ministry.  Below you will find a brief survey to that end. Please fill it out so that we know your desires, interests, and willingness to participate in ministry.

Thank you for your on-going support of the Franklin United Methodist Church.  And, thank you for taking time to fill out the ministry survey!  I look forward to working with you more as these new (and old) ministries resume.

Pastor Jacob