A Communal Lament in COVID-times

This lament was written as part of our Life Together small group discussion on October 1. We had spent three weeks discussing the Book of Lamentations and were modeling our final lament after the final lament in the book. Lamentations 5 is the only lament spoken by the community and the community’s cry is addressed solely to God (unlike the other laments which seem to be addressed to God and anyone who will listen). The community is relentless in their protest–their description of what is wrong in God’s world–and they issue a series of challenging questions, near the end, to God. With Lamentations 5 as our model, the group gathered on October 1 humbly offers their lament. It is unedited (language alert).

A Communal Lament in COVID-times

Life is not normal, Lord,
and we don’t know why.
A sickness is spreading
faster than we can keep up.
We are afraid:
a cough may not be just a cough,
allergies may be more than the sniffles.
Our heads ache.
Is it the plague?
Our loved ones are getting sick.
people are dying alone.
Family cannot visit.
Even those who recover
are not well.

And we’re pissed.
You gave us scientists and physicians
to help care for us
and people are not listening.
It is getting worse.
People are out of work.
There are food shortages.
Our young people think they are invincible,
others are in denial
and all are getting sick
some are dying.
Our elders and persons of color
are disproportionately effected:
they are seen as expendable casualties.
Our leaders have failed us.
Our healthcare system is overwhelmed–
understaffed and short supplied.

Where are you, O God, in the midst of all this?
Did you create this plague?
Why does this devastate some and not others? Are you choosing who dies?
Have you, O God, forsaken us? Have we forsaken you?
How could you allow us to suffer? What have we done to deserve this?
How can you allow your children to put others at risk?
When will you comfort us?
When will rest come?

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