Devotional || Psalm 15

By Beth Ferguson, Lay Leader and Member to the Annual Conference.

Psalm 15 is probably an entry Psalm, for the beginning or worship. Who can come into God’s temple?  Right now, no one can.  The Psalm lists the qualities that we need to be God’s people. We are God’s people when we are worshipping at home.

The hymn, “We Are the Church,” says:

I am the church
you are the church,
we are the church together.
All who follow Jesus,
all around the world,
we are the church together.

The church is not a building,
the church is not a steeple,
the church is not a resting place,
the church is the people.

No. 558, v. 1., “We Are the Church,” The United Methodist Hymnal (1989). Words & Music by Richard K. Avery and Donald S. Marsh, 1972.

We are God’s people in our homes, in our neighborhoods and in the world. The people form the church.  What qualities do we need to show?

Integrity– doing what’s right when no one is looking.

Truth-telling– not spreading bad information, or tweeting gossip.

Kindness– not insulting one another, not speaking ill of one another.

Being with people who do good things– not hanging around with people who are bullies or doing or saying evil things.

Keeping promises– doing what you say you will do even if it hurts or is hard.

Avoiding usury– lending money at high interest which will push people into debt that they can never fully  pay.

Avoiding bribery.

During this time, as we are all locked down in our homes, it is hard to be the church. We can’t come together, but we still can be kingdom people, following God’s laws.  Be kind to your family members when you are sheltering together. Remember those who are sheltering alone. Give what you can, whether it is sewing masks, or making phone calls to check on neighbors, or donating to organizations which are helping others with less, or thanking a medical provider a nurse,  a first responder, a grocery clerk or pharmacy technician. There are many ways to show kindness. We can smile, though they may not see our mouths through our masks, our eyes can express a smile as well.

Whoever does all these things will never stumble. Bring God’s kingdom to this time and circumstance. Be kind. Praise God! Hallelujah!

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